When it comes to shipping a small package or parcel to Costa Rica it can be difficult and expensive to try to get the item through Costa Rica customs.  Economy Shipping makes the process efficient and pain free.  Economy Shipping has been established in Costa Rica for over 8 years and through that time has built relationships with customs officers and officials that allow us to easily get your important shipments into your hands quickly and in the most cost efficient way possible.

When we calculate the shipping cost it is all inclusive. Taxes, shipping, and all fees are included in the price.

We have various ways of bringing your items into the country of Costa Rica varying on your budget and how quickly you need the parcel in your hands. If you need it right away we have daily air shipments.  If price is your biggest factor we have consolidated ocean shipments leaving weekly to Costa Rica.

No matter what your budget or timeline, Economy Shipping will get your package to you safely in the land of “Pura Vida”.

Just fill out the form below and we will send you back a quote or your shipment right away.