fedex domestic shippingEconomy Shipping is able to offer you the professional and reliable service of Fedex in the domestic USA for up to 50% off the Fedex Domestic shipping published rates. Economy Shipping has the ability to offer cheap shipping rates with FedEx as we have developed a relationship with them over the years and send thousands of  parcels every year using their service. Due to this business relationship they have offered us wholesale rates.

When you decide to ship via Fedex Domestic Shipping with Economy Shipping, we are able to pass the savings to you directly. This allows you the consumer to lower your courier costs, and still be able to use Fedex’s professional and efficient service.  Although you will be paying a discounted rate you are going to be able to use tracking with FedEx Domestic Shipping.

There is no downside to using Economy Shipping’s Fedex domestic shipping service. The only part of the service that is decreased is the money leaving your pocket. We have a working relationship with Fedex that makes it easy for you.  We will come pick up your package or parcel at your home and delivery it to the final destination. During the entire process you will be able to use Fedex Domestic Shipping tracking to know where you package is at all times.