About Economy Shipping
Economy Shipping offers one of the most economical International and U.S Domestic Small Package Shipping Service with huge price discounts from providers such as DHL and Fedex. The focus of Economy Shipping is US domestic parcel shipping and Costa Rica shipping and relocation services. Economy shipping as sales agents only.

Economy Shipping History
Economy Shipping began in the shipping business in 2008 in Costa Rica and through its contacts and relationships in the industry expanded into the US domestic and international market.  From just a small office in Costa Rica it has now expanded to offices in Atlanta & Miami.

Economy Shipping Mission
At Economy Shipping we know the importance of making sure that your deliveries arrive safely at the destination. Our focus is customer satisfaction and we know that communication is  the #1 priority for each and every client.  Economy Shipping has set our business model at the optimal  intersection between price and performance.
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Company History

A Timeline of Economy Shipping

Economy Shipping began as an idea to address a need.  Many people decide to pack their belongings and start a new life in Costa Rica.  The biggest hurdle most have to overcome is finding a way to ship their valuables and memories to their new home and new life to Costa Rica with a company they can trust.  Economy Shipping addressed that need through Shipping Costa Rica.
With their founding company Shipping Costa Rica achieving success it was time to expand operations with the same principles instilled in each added entity.  Customer service, communication, professionalism and quality service.  Economy Shipping was formed to handle both International and USA Domestic Shipping.  Through business relationships and partnerships additional offices were added in Miami and Atlanta.
2016Costa Rica Small Package Shipping
It only made sense after expansion into small parcel shipping in the USA to do the same in Costa Rica with both air freight and consolidated container shipping. Economy Shipping has teamed up with several already established companies in Costa Rica & Miami to now offer the ability for clients looking to ship small packages and parcels to anywhere in Costa Rica.


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